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Today Dacia Ireland contacted us to find out how satisfied we were … mainly with the sales process, and with the post-sales service. Which had me a bit stumped. After all, we only had the car on the road for less than two weeks, and less than a thousand kilometres, should we have needed service yet? Oh, well, this might include follow-up questions (one or two of which are still unresolved as we speak, but nothing major). So, high marks all around.

Personally, I think that rating on a scale of 1 to 10 has been done to death. And having been told beforehand that this survey would come, and that please, please, pretty please with sugar it would be nice to give only 9 and 10 markings, I understand how important for the dealer, and the salesperson, the positive feedback is. On a statistical basis. Not as detailed feedback per se.

This is one of the reasons why I started this blog – any eejit can click on ratings, but does it really tell you anything in the end? Fair enough, if I had been brushed off as unimportant, had the delivery been seriously botched, had the car arrived in the wrong colour, I’d have given less than positive ratings. But not from the safety of a customer survey, but certainly face to face. And, to be honest, even the wrong colour would not have been that much a problem with a good price reduction. I am very mercenary, I admit.

So, I have given excellent (i.e. 9 or 10) ratings throughout, because I cannot fault the team at Blackstone Motors. And the minor niggles I still have will get sorted, I am sure, either on the phone, or by popping in for a quick chat. Just questions, in the end, and not really changing the course of history.

Other stuff, like glaring errors in the vehicle’s handbook, have nothing to do with the sales process, or the service. Though customers might benefit from being shown how to open the bonnet … but more of that later.

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