The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

The Dacia Sandero is built in Romania, land of hot summers and cold winters. It is sold (as a Renault Sandero) in areas where Дед Мороз (“Old Man Frost”) holds sway for months. So it should cope with an Irish winter, shouldn’t it? Today, I found out.

Basically, all Ireland went into panic mode, the media fomenting fear and loathing of “us to three centimetres of snow” and some ice. For somebody who did his driving lessons during the disastrous conditions of early 1979 this sounds like a joke. And also for somebody who had to cope with winter driving in Hesse and Swabia. Somebody like me. So, every morning when the neighbours and colleagues are quivering in their boots, I tend to slowly drive away with a “We’ll see!” This morning as well, and here’s the record shot:

Spot the snowflakes …

If you look closely, you’ll actually see snow. Admitted, there was a bit more in some places, but this was the safest place to take a snap of the cold snap. And to give you an impression of the bright daytime running lights of the Sandero (yes, I used full headlights and rear lights while driving, I am not a moron).

So, handling? With all the mod cons the Dacia has, like ABS, ESC and ASR (plus the Hill Start Assist, nice gimmick, but not a snow thing), it was good. As expected. And with new tyres, no problems were encountered at all. Fair enough, there was the odd slip and slide on black ice, but nothing a competent driver cannot handle at reasonable speeds.

All in all, a worthy addition to the overall driving experience up to now.

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