Snow Problems

And now, the weather … it is atrocious, unless you are a polar bear. The “Beast from the East” has strangled Ireland to a halt, and there are multiple warnings that being out there is not safe. So the Sandero becomes a Snowdero in the backyard.

There might be a light snow prob;em …

As I mentioned before, driving in winter conditions does not really mean a panic attack for me … but after the forecasts by Met √Čireann promised a cold Armageddon, and the snow really started to come down in earnest, and after I managed to nearly slip into a ditch on a back road, we decided to stay home. That ditch was no driver’s error, by the way, it started with no warning right where the tarmac ended, and everything was filled with snow. See, we did not know this road all too well, but had to take it.

Anyway, some judicious wrangling got us out of that oversized rut, and we ere home safe.

But a heap of snow on the roads, and drifts up to my eyes, made taking the car out impractical. An idiocy even.

So, three days of total quiet, and sharp frost.

Happy to report that after those the car started without any problems, and that actually driving on the compacted show was slippery, but safe. And the ASR traction control worked nicely. Though seeing those lights flickering on the dashboard gives the driver a bit of a jolt, in addition to already being highly strung because of the grip problems.

But … all over a good show. And reading online about a woman towing her father’s LandRover our of a snowdrift with a Dacia Duster was funny.

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