MediaNav … Success at Last

So, the problem with getting the MediaNav Evolution updated and expanded (with a map set for Western Europe, which we will need at some time) has been solved. Despite all remedies suggested by support and the local garage having failed. It was, at the end, a case or going back to the roots.

After loads of to and fro with the service guys nothing had changed. Basically we were stuck with the old problem: the (several times re-installed) Toolbox on the laptop started, the digital fingerprint was downloaded onto a clean FAT32 USB stick, connection to the update server was established, the system found the USB stick … and went into a loop, telling me that there may be compatible data, and that I should start again.

Which, much to my annoyance, was also the only thing support had to say. The files were okay, and could I reboot, reload, retransfer, re-everything. And once more, with feeling?

As we all know, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result (not an Einstein quote, I hasten to add). And I was going insane. So, I phoned my contact at Blackstone Motors in Cavan, who immediately pointed out that he was “not a techie guy” (fair enough), but would contact their trained experts. And called me back a while later … saying that it all should work. Well, I did not. And my suggestion that I swing by and we try it at their place somehow fell between the cracks.

So, what is a person facing the final countdown for the free updates (90 days after the navigation system is first activated) to do?

Except for doing a full John Cleese on the Sandero, I went into deep thought mode. Cuppa tea and all that …

And I came to an analogy … what do you do when your electric saw does not work, and the one borrowed from the neighbour doesn’t either? You go back to hand tools, get the old hacksaw out and make do. And I realised three things. One – nobody had really discussed operating systems with me. Two – the Dacia MediaNav Toolbox was also compatible with Windows 7 and 8. Three – I could actually still run Windows 7 from a partition (before you groan … I also have a full Windows 98 system active, plus a Linux system … now you can groan, or salivate).

So I went backwards, got the electronic equivalent of the old hacksaw out, started Windows 7, downloaded the Toolbox, inserted the USB stick (the same that would not work in the Windows 10 environment) – lo and behold, it worked! Slow, but it worked. Updates first, downloaded, uploaded onto the MediaNav Evolution in the Sandero, all fine.

Success at last, long time coming, long time downloading, but success!

Back to the hacksaw, insert USB stick again … and it does not work. Huh? Looking at the files stored on the stick I see that the digital fingerprint has been deleted, as have all the updates. Once more into the car, once more fingerprint onto the stick, once more to the hacksaw, it works again. Phew! So, let us search for maps.

Actually, I would have been okay with just the German/Austrian/Swiss and the Benelux maps, but these bundles already were more expensive than the full Western European version. As much as I am not tempted to drive to Greece (or in the Vatican … which has both a map and a “points of interest” file), if it is “free”, I take it. Even if the download took ages. Cost-wise it would have come in at 109 €, but I opted for the version with three updates pre-paid over the next two years, which set me back 129 €. Whether I’ll really need it, or whether the updating process will go swimmingly, let’s just say I felt lucky and opted for it.

After a few hours the maps were installed in the Sandero. And plotting a route from our home to my cousin’s place near the Rhine took less than a minute. If I started now, the MediaNav told me, I could be there in twenty or so hours. Well, wishful thinking and pure driving time. But seeing the screen showing the route across the UK and France into Germany left me with a warm, fuzzy feeling.

A good end to weeks of frustration. Case closed. For now, hopefully forever.

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