A Big Disappointment

Here’s the thing … the Dacia Sandero has a thing called “MediaNav Evolution”, a (I guess) state-of-the-art media and navigation system. And you can register online, for updates, and for buying extras. The registration went swimmingly. And than I sank. Because I could not get the bleeding Toolbox (the software installed on the laptop) to work. And I seem to be one of many people having the same problem.

Why do I think so? Because a first search on Google found the exact same problem across the board, for Dacia and Renault. What happens is as follows: you install the toolbox, check, you format some USB stick, check, you download your device’s “fingerprint”, check, you start the toolbox and insert the USB device … and you hit a wall. Again, and again, and again.

So, let us call the helpline …

After looking at all the FAQs on the relevant website, and browsing several internet pages, I was none the wiser. Basically I had done everything suggested in troubleshooting, first time around. And the rest amounted to “have you tried switching it off and on again?”

So I phoned the helpline. And got a surprisingly quick connection. And was in support hell …

As a former IT professional and helpline manager I know that giving all relevant information up front might expedite the process of trouble-shooting. So I clearly stated everything from the make of the car, its age, the operating system on my laptop, the trouble-shooting steps already taken and so on and so forth. And while the agent was starting with “slightly puzzled”, progressing to “totally out of his depth”, he asked me a lot of questions. Like the operating system on my laptop. Or the error message, again. Or whether I had formatted the USB stick. Or whether it was FAT32. Or whether I had virus protection, because that might interfere. Or whether I had another USB stick. Or whether I had another computer. Yes, yes, yes … and yes, but with Linux.

At the end, I just said that I’ll fiddle around a bit more and might call back.

So he offered to open a case and escalate the whole thing (which made sense, as he obviously was not going to solve it). An email arrived in due cause, asking me for some files. Which did not exist on my laptop … mainly because the files for the Dacia install of the toolbox are under “dacia”, not “Renault”.

Sent off the whole shebang and now waiting for an answer. Not holding my breath. My face was already red enough due to blood pressure escalating. Thankfully I managed to stay calm …

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